Cannabinoids are better

Cannabinoids are better absorbed if they ingest when the stomach is full. Ingested cannabinoids will have higher concentrations in the liver than inhaled cannabinoids, so ingested cannabinoids should have more potent drug interactions.

The Project CBD manual mentions that both the sequence and the administration form of cannabidiol can influence the way in which another drug is metabolized. One study showed that Sera Labs CBD Oil has a greater inhibitory impact on a cytochrome P450 enzyme in particular if it is administered 20 minutes before the second drug.

CBD also interacts with THC. By ingesting Sera Labs CBD Oil and THC together, people may notice that the effects of THC are moderating, although they are slightly prolonged. It is known that 11-OH-THC, a decomposed compound of THC, is more potent than THC in the cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1), which mediates psychoactivity. 11-COOH-THC, another metabolite of THC, has anti-inflammatory effects without causing a state of drug addiction.

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