Necessary to go crazy

When you have the correct form of the position, you can think about moving forward in the movement. “The planks are sustained by time, you should not do the same thing all the time,” says Rosante. “Use a timer to see how long you can hold a plank before you get the right position Healthy Life Garcinia. That is your established time. Do three to four series in order to maintain that amount of time, with the perfect form. After you have achieved it, you can increase your series or increase your set time in increments of 15 seconds, “says Rosante.

It is not necessary to go crazy adding planks to each training to see the results. “I suggest doing them two or three times a week,” he says. “Perform three to four series maintained by time, according to the previous instructions, resting 60 seconds between sets.”

How? Start in plank position. Simultaneously, move the left foot and the hand to the left. Then, move the right foot and hand to the left to return to the plank position Healthy Life Garcinia. Repeat pressing the foot and the right hand to the right, followed by the left hand and foot. That is a repetition.

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