Help to moisturize

The creams not only help to moisturize, but also to prevent evaporation. There are moisturizers for each type of skin Goji Cream Review. In all cases, the choice depends on the affinity of the texture with the skin, personal taste and environmental conditions.

Normal skin needs light, fat-free hydration; oily skins should use low-fat hydrating products; in mixed skin, one should apply a moisturizing of oily skin in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) and another for dry skin applied to the rest of the face and neck; and dry skins, they must use protective and nutritious moisturizers to compensate at the same time the loss of water and the insufficiency of fat.

Dehydration is a phenomenon that threatens everyone, whatever the age and type of skin. From the age of 25 Goji Cream Review, a moisturizing cream is usually not enough to maintain a perfectly hydrated skin, since the epidermis needs nutrients that the moisturizer does not contain.

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